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Picture of Ellen Lambright My name is Ellen Lambright and I have been a jewelry addict for as long as I can remember.

How I started... I inherited my love for jewelry from my mother who is no longer with me, but who definitely shared this love. In my childhood, I played with beads and normal sewing thread and needles. In the 1990s I took up learning to bead with wire and then stringing with the "real" tools and supplies. When wearing pieces that I had made, people would comment and suggest I sell jewelry. Soon after, I did start to sell. I grabbed the name "Ellen's Jewelry" for a website long ago and have since liked "Jewelry by Ellen" much better, so I tend to use the names interchangably.

I currently love to learn new techniques and designs as well as create my own. Personally, I love sparkle! The more crystals and sparkling materials, the better!!!

Most of my pieces are one-of-a-kind pieces, but sometimes I like to try similar things in different colors or with different styles of beads. Sometimes I have a requests to repeat something in a different size or color - fine with me.

I love to do custom work and even repairs. (Giving life back into beloved jewelry items gives me great satisfaction. I do not solder, but it's amazing how items can be repaired or reworked into new pieces with style.) Use my contact page if you have any work you'd like me to consider especially if you are in the Seattle/Eastside, Washington area. Feel free to browse and comment as well.